Skill Test

This assessment evaluates your proficiency in GitLab CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment), a robust platform for automating software development workflows.

20 questions
20 minutes

Key Assessment Principles:

  • Assessing your knowledge of GitLab CI/CD architecture, including Runners, Jobs, Pipelines, and the integration with GitLab version control.
  • Evaluating your proficiency in creating and configuring CI/CD pipelines, defining stages, jobs, and specifying dependencies between them.
  • Assessing your ability to orchestrate jobs within CI/CD pipelines, including parallel execution, conditional execution, and resource management.
  • Testing your knowledge of integrating CI/CD pipelines with GitLab version control, understanding triggers, and ensuring seamless source code integration.
  • Evaluating your understanding of artifact management within GitLab CI/CD, including the publishing and retrieval of artifacts during the build and deployment process.
  • Assessing your knowledge of security measures and best practices in GitLab CI/CD, including vulnerability scanning, code quality checks, and secure coding practices.
  • Evaluating your ability to manage deployment environments within GitLab CI/CD, ensuring proper configuration and version control for different stages.
  • Testing your proficiency in using GitLab CI/CD variables and secrets for securely storing and managing sensitive information within pipelines.
  • Evaluating your ability to integrate GitLab CI/CD with external services and tools, ensuring comprehensive automation and orchestration capabilities.