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Telco Cloud Labs You Can Use Today

The Telco Cloud market is undergoing an irreversible transformation. Yet, the training and education around it are barely keeping up. Using our labs, you can close that skill gap by providing your team with a ready-to-use platform to practice on


Accelerate Your Transition To Telco Cloud By Getting Your Teams Ready

We speed up your transition to Telco Cloud by offering on-demand learning environments with practice-focused labs for every team member.

Instead of wasting your time and money setting up your Telco Cloud environment, you simply plug into our instantly accessible labs that allow your engineers to test real-world scenarios they will inevitably come across.

Learn How Lablabee Can Help Your Team Transition to Telco Cloud


Master the skills you need to Elevate your Career

Master in-demand telco cloud skills to drive your career success, navigate new opportunities, and stay relevant in an ever-changing industry.

Gain valuable telco cloud knowledge with our practice-focused labs. Learn by doing and acquire real-world skills.

Speed Up Your Way To Becoming A Fully Operational Telco Cloud Engineer


Why LabLabee?

Before making your decision, we figured you might want to understand what’s special about our labs.

Instant setup & fast integration

Thanks to being hardware-free, setting up your learning environment won’t take the time and money it would otherwise take.

Flexible access

Our labs are accessible to you whenever you need them and wherever you are. Giving you the freedom to practice on your own schedule and advance at your own pace.


Unlike other available options for practicing telco cloud, LabLabee’s labs are hardware-free. Which makes them accessible 24/7, easy to set up, and cost-effective.

Technology agnostic

Our labs aren’t exclusively designed for one Telco Cloud vendor, the knowledge you gain with us won’t expire once you work with a different vendor. Using LabLabee is investing in reusable knowledge that will accompany you and your team throughout your journey.

Security and compliance

Our platform is secure and regularly audited by security professionals. On top of that, we do not store or collect any personal data from our clients.

security audits
Security Audit

Unique learning paths

Our challenges and learning paths are designed to provide the learners with practical real-world experience, maximizing the outcomes and improving the experience.

Testimonials from clients

Don't just take our word for it, see what our users are saying

From an educational perspective the ability to practice hands-on on technology like 5G is key and much more efficient than just lecture or ppt courses. The lab is well articulated with a good progression over the steps, and it was very convenient to be able to take traces as if we were in a real lab environment.

Patrice Nivaggioli
Cisco EMEAR Service Providers Co-Innovation

I like how the contents fits with the labs and how the challenges are developed. The platform helps you learn very technical architectures that you will use in your everyday professional work.

Victor Bolaños Guerra
Operations & Training Manager Fibercli - Spain

I love the idea and the potential of the product, having virtual hands-on labs, with zero hardware, 100% remote, available in minutes, and on a very large scale. That's game changing.

Abdulhadi AbouAlmal
VP Technology Strategy, Etisalat Group

J’ai été amené à tester l’outils 5G de Lablabee et je suis sorti de cette période de test très satisfait. L’outil en lui-même est adapté à ce que souhaiterai notre client dans sa forme et son contenu et peut être une réelle plus-value pour ce dernier.

Christophe Gruet
Senior trainer, Télécom évolution – France

Very satified about the product and labs, having hands-on labs without spending anytime on the deployment and the maintenance is something amazing for a trainer and mostly in a industry that everything is closed.

Asad Khan
Senior Trainer – India

Le concept est très intéressant, cela permet d'aller jusqu'au bout des choses en pratiquant sur des environnements.

Anne Isabelle Porta
Technical Manager, Orange - France

As LabLabee partner we trust that the future of telco industry are on openeness and hardwareless solutions and LabLabee is the skills enabler for this transformation

Ahmed Rady
CTO Open Valley – Egypt

I love the idea of having virtual labs on Telco industry, for us is an added value for our actual trainings to provide more hands-on and expertises.

Sinta Novanana
Training manager, Train4best – Indonesia

Very good experience with the platform and the labs and excited to get access to more labs.

KOUGNON Magnouwéréou
Technical manager, Togocom - Togo

Je suis très satisfait de mon expérience sur la plateformeLe support est réactif, j'ai eu quelques soucis d'accès, ça a été réglé très rapidement.

Senior expert, Algeria Telecom - Algeria

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