Skill Test

This assessment evaluates your proficiency in 5G network technologies, encompassing crucial concepts such as architecture, protocols, and core principles.

20 questions
20 minutes

Key Assessment Principles:

  • Assessing your knowledge of the architectural components, network topology, and design principles specific to 5G networks.
  • Testing your comprehension of 5G RAN, including functions, integration with core networks, and its impact on overall 5G network connectivity.
  • Testing your proficiency in diagnosing and resolving common issues specific to 5G network environments.
  • Assessing your knowledge of security measures and protocols implemented in 5G networks to safeguard against potential threats.
  • Evaluating your understanding of the protocol stack within the 5G core network, including key protocols like NGAP, PFCP, and HTTP/2.
  • Assessing your understanding of the protocol stack within the 5G RAN network, covering MAC, RLC, and RRC protocols.