Skill Test

This assessment evaluates your proficiency in Software-Defined Networking (SDN), covering essential concepts such as architecture, protocols, and automation.

20 questions
20 minutes

Key Assessment Principles:

  • Assessing your knowledge of SDN architecture, including the separation of control and data planes, and the roles of SDN controllers, switches, and applications.
  • Evaluating your understanding of the OpenFlow protocol, a crucial element in SDN that enables communication between the SDN controller and network devices, facilitating centralized network control.
  • Assessing your knowledge of NETCONF (Network Configuration Protocol) and YANG (Yet Another Next Generation).
  • Testing your proficiency in leveraging automation tools and scripting languages for efficient network provisioning, configuration, and management within an SDN framework.
  • Evaluating your comprehension of southbound interfaces connecting the SDN controller to the network devices, and northbound interfaces facilitating communication between the SDN controller and applications.
  • Testing your ability to diagnose and resolve common issues related to SDN architecture, protocols, and automation.
  • Assessing your knowledge of security measures and protocols implemented in SDN to safeguard against potential threats and vulnerabilities.
  • Evaluating your ability to integrate SDN with existing network infrastructure and services for seamless communication and interoperability.