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Tackling Unique Future Networks Needs.

Offering tailored learning environments for all actors. For learning, practice, testing and experimentation

Telco Operators

LabLabee partners with you and helps you prepare the migration of Telco to the Cloud, with dedicated and tailored Labs without any client constraints.

Universities, Schools and Training Centers

LabLabee helps you teach and train your students (IT, Cloud, Telco), by providing real-world practice with hands-on Labs, on the same technologies and environments used by professionals.

Consulting Firms

LabLabee helps you develop and enhance the profiles of your consultants with operational skills that are the most in-demand in the Telco Cloud industry.

Telco Market Actors

LabLabee accompany you in your migration toward Telco Cloud, by offering Labs to validate configurations, Labs to develop projects, or Labs to get curious and have fun

Research Labs

LabLabee helps researchers focus on their research, by providing specific environments for experimentation and testing.

Hobbyists & Individuals

LabLabee is available for independent individuals who want to boost their technical skills, whether they are just curious or if they are trying to get their next job.

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