Ahlem Benlahcene
July 12, 2022

4 Reasons Why You Should Learn OpenStack

OpenStack has grown to be one of the most popular cloud platforms in the last few years. In this article, I’m getting you through for reasons why learning this skill is a good idea.

4 Reasons Why You Should Learn OpenStack

Unless you’ve been living in another dimension, you know that OpenStack has grown to be one of the most popular cloud computing platforms, and that it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. 

Same as with any popular technology, businesses are investing in OpenStack because it allows them to do so many otherwise unattainable things.

The importance of OpenStack lies in its flexibility, scalability, and adaptability. Plus, by being an open-source platform, it helps businesses minimize their infrastructure costs, and what’s something they constantly look for other than reducing costs?

All in all, OpenStack helps improve business agility, increases the efficiency of crucial processes, and makes resources more available. 

All that being said, you’re right to think that businesses who want to stay relevant (I mean, what kind of business doesn’t?) will want to embrace this technology. Or, more precisely, they will NEED to.

And you, if you want to keep your skills relevant (I mean, why would you not?), you’ll want to have the expertise and the practical experience needed to work with OpenStack.

So stay with me, as I’ll be talking to you about four of the many reasons you should learn OpenStack.

Reason 1: You have to

Okay… that was a little aggressive. 

What I wanted to say is, because of the deep involvement of OpenStack, no matter what path you take, you’re so likely to encounter it at any point in your career. This makes having this skill in your pocket a great power. Because as you know, knowledge is power.

Reason 2: It will open the doors for you

With more and more businesses using open source software to support their operations (up to 78% in 2015), the skills needed to support the company’s needs have become more in demand than ever before. 

This can mean that your dream company is looking for you.

Well, not yet. Not until you learn OpenStack.

What I’m saying is, that learning an in-demand skill can grant you the keys to doors you always wanted to open (I know, poetry isn’t my thing. But you got my point, right?)

Reason 3: The elephant in the room.

Yes, money. 

While I don’t encourage anyone to do something just because of the money, I don’t mind doing something you enjoy that also makes you good money. And although it may seem like an unreachable daydream for so many people, it may not be the case for you.

Because according to indeed.com, OpenStack-related jobs pay an average of 36% more, compared to cloud engineering jobs on other technologies.

Reason 4: Because you can

Now, I understand that learning and especially practicing OpenStack isn’t as accessible or affordable as you’d like to. The training available to you is mostly theory-based and so expensive, not to mention that there aren’t OpenStack labs for you to practice, and you’ll most likely need to set up your own lab if you want to practice what you learned, and who has time to do that?

After I depressed you with what I just said, it’s time for the ray of sunshine.

Because the good news is, that LabLabee is launching a new OpenStack training that has been designed with all those concerns in mind. 

In this training, you will:

  • Have access to LabLabee’s OpenStack labs.
  • Gain practical experience, as we focus on practice and not only theory.
  • Be trained by an industry professional. 
  • And of course, not pay a fortune.

If that sounds like something you’d like to enroll in, click the link here to learn more about it.


In short, OpenStack is big. And learning the skills that allow you to work with popular technology is always a smart idea if you want to keep your skills relevant, attractive, and wanted.

And if I got close to convincing you, you can check out the link here to learn more about LabLabee’s upcoming OpenStack training.

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