Learn and Practice OpenStack with hands-on Labs.

Upskill yourself, elevate your career, and navigate new opportunities with our new practice-focused OpenStack training.

Training Duration: 4 Days (16 Hours total)
Trainer: Asad Khan.
Next Session: To Be Announced.
Access to the Lab: 2 weeks
Price: 1000 EUR

Learning OpenStack is one of the best ways you can advance your career.

So you want to learn OpenStack? Awesome! We like you already. Openstack is one of the most popular cloud computing platforms right now, and you know what “popular” also means? In-demand.

In fact, according to indeed.com, an OpenStack engineer makes around 36% more than a cloud engineer… exciting, right?


It’s been a well-known fact for us that humans learn skills best by practicing, and OpenStack is no exception. However, practicing OpenStack isn’t accessible or affordable in the current market.

And if you want to practice what you learn, you will have to set up your own lab, which will take you approximately 80% of your lifetime (Maybe I’m exaggerating. But you got my point, right?).

And here’s where LabLabee comes to save the day.

What makes LabLabee’s training the best way to master OpenStack?

In short: because we have hands-on, accessible, and hardware-free OpenStack labs.

What does that mean to you? 

It means you will:
- Save the time it will otherwise take you to set up your own lab.
- Gain practical experience, instead of focusing only on theoretical knowledge.
- Practice on your own schedule, as you’ll have access to the labs during the period of the training.

What You Will Learn:

  • Getting familiar with Openstack MicroServices: Storage, compute, security, network
  • Best practices with Horizon Gui : Overview, networking management, instance management, flavor management
  • Best practices with OSP Client: Overview, networking management, instance management, flavor management
  • Management of authentication with Keystone
  • Management of networking with Neutron
  • Management of the compute with Nova
  • Management of the images with Glance
  • Management of the storage with Cinder
  • Management of the storage with Swift
  • Troubleshooting: commands, logs management and KPIs
  • Telco, Openstack & NFV
  • Openstack perpespectives

Answering Your Questions:

Would I still have access to the lab in between the training sessions?

The training will last over the course of two weekends. And during the period of the training, you’ll have access to your own lab so you can practice whenever it suits you.

What prerequisites do I need to take this training?

To get the most out of this training, you’ll need to know:
- Basic Linux concepts.
- Basic Networking Concepts.

If I miss the session I enrolled for, would I still be able to attend the next one?

Sure! If for any reason you couldn’t attend the training session you registered for, there’s always a chance to attend the next one.

Got Other Questions?

Let us know If you have any other questions that you didn’t see answered above, send them to us here: support@lablabee.com We’ll be happy to hear from you.


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