Containers Made Easy with Docker

Unlock the power of Docker containers with this hands-on training. Dive into storage, security and more, setting the stage for career advancement in modern software development.


About The Lab


TCP/IP basics
Linux basics
Virtualization basics

Lab Architecture

This Hands-on Training consists of a Docker environment and an all-in-one Kubernetes cluster.

Why this Lab?

Play with containers and understand different bricks: storage, security, images and registries. Get prepared for the next level with Microservices.

Lab Objectives

  • Understanding container objectives.
  • Understanding the basics of containers.
  • Creating containers.
  • Configuring containers.
  • Managing volumes.
  • Dockerfile management.
  • Alternatives of dockerfile.
  • Docker registries.
  • Docker-compose.
  • Container resources limitation.
  • Container isolation and security.
  • Getting introduced to container orchestration with K8S.
  • Debugging and troubleshooting (best practices).

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