Ahlem Benlahcene
June 10, 2022

New Partnership Announcement: SETELIA & LabLabee

We’re more than thrilled to announce a new partnership with SETELIA, the leading provider of Telecoms, Networks – Infrastructure, and Digital services. This partnership will give SETELIA’s customers the opportunity to upskill their teams, by helping them learn and practice the most relevant skills in the Telco cloud world.

New Partnership Announcement: SETELIA & LabLabee

SETELIA, the consulting and project management service provider for IT and telecom professionals, takes a step forward by partnering with LabLabee to offer hands-on, accessible Telco cloud labs to their clients.

Our new partner, SETELIA, combines the top-level expertise of their highly qualified team with perseverance and responsiveness to provide highly effective solutions. Owing to all those factors, they have become one of the leading providers of Telecoms, Networks – Infrastructure, and Digital services.

With their smart approach and industry expertise, they made sense to partner with LabLabee to offer their customers the right training to acquire the skills needed to ride the Telco cloud wave.

"The successful transition to a Telco Cloud operational model demands profound change, new expertise and mindset. The technical skills required for Telco Clouds especially with 5G include a large number of technologies like 3GPP, Microservices architecture, DevOps, APIs, NFV, SDN, etc. In order to support our customers the MNO in this strategic move, we’ve decided to sign a partnership with Lablabee." - Olivier WORMSER, CTO at SETELIA

The transition to Telco cloud came with countless benefits and promises that no one can deny. But it also came with new challenges and obstacles that aren’t easy to overcome.

Learning the skills required for a successful transition isn’t at all accessible nor affordable, and the mere focus on theory harms the learner’s experience and stunts the team’s growth and the company’s adoption of this new technology.

And that’s what makes LabLabee’s approach to learning Telco cloud critical and one of a kind… because we made it practice-focused, technology agnostic, and hardware-free.

After this partnership, SETELIA’s customers will have access to all the labs and resources they need to upskill their teams and be ready for a seamless transition to the cloud, which will help them scale while staying relevant.

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