Ahlem Benlahcene
May 26, 2022

New Partnership Announcement: Open Networking Foundation & LabLabee

Super excited to announce that LabLabee is now partnering with the Open Networking Foundation, the leading non-profit association fostering innovation in software-defined programmable networks.

New Partnership Announcement: Open Networking Foundation & LabLabee

LabLabee are more than thrilled to announce that we have a new partnership with the leading non-profit consortium, the Open Networking Foundation

ONF’s mission is to promote networking through Software using an open-source business model.  

Why did partnering with them make sense to us? Well, a key part of LabLabee’s mission is to democratize Telco cloud for everyone and bring more innovation to the table. Having a partner that shares the same vision as we do will give us a push towards accomplishing what we started LabLabee for. 

We value ONF’s expertise in the field. Not only because of its member listing which includes more than 200 member companies that range from networking-equipment vendors to data-center operators, but also because of the lenses through which their team looks into the field.

Another thing that we admire about the Open Networking Foundation is the realization that it was built upon, which is that cloud computing will make the line between networks and computers thinner over time, which is another thing we have in common. 

ONF is paving the way for innovation…

The most exciting thing this partnership is bringing to LabLabee’s team is the opportunity to co-innovate with the Open Networking Foundation’s experts to accomplish our common mission… democratizing innovation and revolutionizing how the world communicates.

We are looking forward to further exploring our partnership and to being part of the growing ONF community, and we’re so optimistic about the impact it will have on what we can offer to our current and future clients.

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