Ahlem Benlahcene
October 2, 2022

LabLabee's Pre-Seed Funding Round: Growing The World’s First Hands-On Labs Platform for Telco Cloud

LabLabee’s team is super excited to announce our pre-seed funding round, another milestone we hit toward our mission of democratizing Telco Cloud by making practicing those technologies more interactive, accessible, and affordable for everyone.

LabLabee's Pre-Seed Funding Round: Growing The World’s First Hands-On Labs Platform for Telco Cloud

LabLabee has raised €1.4M from major technology conglomerates and large global Edtech funders, led by Brighteye VC, followed by Accel Capital, Kima Ventures, and e& Capital.

Many notable business angels also participated in this round, such as Docker’s co-founder, Sebastien Pahl; Executive Telco Cloud Director at Nokia, Anne Tavares; Cisco Global Service Provider Innovation Lead, Patrice Nivaggioli; and Propeller’s CEO, Tambi Jalouqa.

“We believe in investing in the ideas that will progress a bright digital future by acquiring, growing, and supporting visionary tech businesses. LabLabee has the potential to bring sweeping changes in the areas of innovation and digital disruption. In line with our ambitions of digitally empowering societies across the world, we stay committed to supporting such startups who are capable of transforming their novel ideas into the big businesses of tomorrow.” - Kushal Shah, Head of Corporate Venture Capital, e& Capital.

Telco Cloud: The New Paradigm.

The telecom cloud market is expected to grow to $81.46 billion in 2026 at a compound annual growth rate of 23%. Countless operators and even industrial companies are migrating to the cloud to provide better and faster services, cut costs, and increase customer satisfaction.

However, despite the inevitability of moving to the cloud, the training and education available for Telco Cloud technologies are barely keeping up, and the process of upskilling and reskilling tech teams takes endless resources and infinite time!

And that’s how LabLabee came to being…

Our hardware-free solution gives you immediate access to cost-effective, instantly set up,  practice-focused labs for Telco Cloud technologies such as 5G, OpenRAN, OpenStack, and SDN, allowing each team member to practice at their own pace, and allowing you to keep track of their progress.

Making Telco Cloud more accessible.

Co-founded by Samir Tahraoui and Mahfoud Sidi Ali Mebarek, LabLabee is the world’s first hands-on labs platform for Telco Cloud. We are a practice-oriented skilling platform that allows Telco operators, industrial companies, and training centers to insert practice into their training while cutting the costs of the process.

“I believe that the future of telco networks will be open, elastic, and scalable. And with LabLabee, we are preparing the industry for this transformation through an immersive virtual hands-on platform with the purpose of making Telco Cloud technologies like 5G or OpenRAN accessible same as we have with web technologies in terms of delay, procedure, and flexibility,” - Samir Tahraoui, LabLabee’s co-founder and CEO.

Over the last year, we have had 8 worldwide official partners, including OpenValley and Setelia. In addition to that, our platform is being used by prominent enterprises and schools including Orange France, Togocom, and INSA Lyon.  

The Next Steps.

Currently, we have 13 labs and a total of 156 challenges in our catalog for the most in-demand Telco cloud technologies.

And now, using the newly raised funds, we’ll be able to improve the learner’s experience, boost the speed and delivery of the platform, and have new labs for more technologies such as IoT, Edge Computing, and Network Slicing.

We’re also planning to expand our team as a part of our goal to drive more innovation, opening the doors for more creative ideas and smarter solutions to current problems.

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