February 27, 2023

LabLabee Teams Up with Orange France to Drive Upskilling and Reskilling Efforts

LabLabee is excited to announce that following the successful completion of a Proof of Concept (PoC) with Orange France, one of the world's largest telecommunications operators, the company is now an official client. Our solution, which provides practical and immersive labs for teams looking to upskill and reskill in new telco and cloud technologies, was able to meet all of Orange France's needs while demonstrating our commitment to delivering high-quality training solutions. With this positive outcome, we're thrilled to continue our collaboration with Orange France by providing training solutions for the entire Technical Direction of the company.

LabLabee Teams Up with Orange France to Drive Upskilling and Reskilling Efforts

LabLabee is proud to be collaborating with “l’Ecole des Métiers Techniques” (the School of Technical Professions) of Orange France to deliver tailored hands-on training solutions. The partnership has been a great success, with LabLabee providing Orange France with flexible, high-quality labs that meet their specific needs. 

The collaboration began with a proof-of-concept (PoC) project that showcased the value of LabLabee's platform in providing immersive, real-world training experiences. The PoC was a resounding success, with managers reporting that the platform exceeded their expectations in terms of quality and flexibility. With the success of the PoC, the partnership is now expanding to a larger scale, with LabLabee providing training solutions for the entire Technical Direction of Orange France. 

"I was impressed with LabLabee's speed of response, which allowed us to implement training that fully met our needs while respecting all commitments (cost, time, quality)," said Gwen Nedelec, Learning & Development Manager at Orange France. "The flexibility of access to many Telco Labs, ease of use, and immersive context of the labs convinced us of the value of the solution. I appreciated LabLabee's listening skills and ability to propose solutions when needed."

Following the successful completion of the PoC with Orange France, LabLabee is proud to announce that the telecommunications giant is now an official client. The collaboration between the two companies has proven to be fruitful, with Orange France expressing satisfaction with the effectiveness of LabLabee's training solutions. With this positive outcome, LabLabee is excited to continue providing practical and immersive labs to Orange France's teams, and looks forward to future collaborations on a larger scale.

LabLabee’s platform offers technical teams access to a wide range of hands-on labs that provide a real-world, immersive experience in new technologies such as IMS, 5G, OpenRAN, Analytics and more. The labs are designed to help teams build practical skills that they can apply in their work, and they are tailored to the specific needs of each team.

"We believe that upskilling and reskilling are essential for staying competitive and delivering value to customers," said Estelle Wust - Sales Director France at LabLabee. "We're thrilled to be working with Orange France to drive their training and development efforts forward. The success of the PoC demonstrates the value of our platform, and we're excited to continue collaborating with Orange France to provide hands-on training solutions in new technologies."

LabLabee's platform also provides managers with a comprehensive view of their team's skills and progress, allowing them to track individual performance, identify skill gaps, and provide targeted support as needed. This approach enables organizations to take a proactive approach to upskilling and reskilling, empowering teams to stay ahead of the curve and drive innovation.

With LabLabee's immersive, hands-on labs, organizations can improve their workforce skills and stay ahead in a rapidly changing industry. To learn more about how LabLabee can help your team upskill and reskill in new technologies, check out our catalog.

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